The 2017 Spring Thing* Festival of Interactive Fiction

* or Fall Fooferal, for our Southern Hemisphere Friends

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Connect with Spring Thing on Twitter at @SpringThingFest

We think games are for everyone.

Playing the Games

Once the 2017 Festival is open, all the games will be freely available to play online or download from the main site. Players can nominate games for the “Audience Choice” ribbon. Anyone who is not a organizer can make a nomination.

Alumni of past are contacted separately by the organizer with instructions for how to nominate games for the “Alumni's Choice” ribbon.

After the festival closes, nominations also close and ribbons are awarded. The games will remain permanently available on the festival site and at the IF Archive, along with any supplemental material of the author's choosing (walkthrough, source code, etc.).

Browse through prior if you're looking for something to play now!