The 2018 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction!

* or Fall Fooferal, for our Southern Hemisphere Friends

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Donating Prizes

Prizes have always been a fun part of IF events. Rather than give numerical rankings and tiered prizes, we like to do something different: gather interesting, useful, quirky, or funny prizes into a general pool. When the festival closes, authors will get to select a prize from the pool in random order until authors or prizes run out. Winning a ribbon does not change selection order or your chance of getting a prize.

The prizes donated so far for the 2018 festival are:

If you're interested in donating a prize, you are an excellent person, and you should please contact the organizer. Need ideas for prizes? Check out the prize list for past (such as ’17 or ’16), or look at the current or past prize lists for IF Comp. Prizes with a personal or homemade touch are especially welcome.

Keep in mind that part of your prize donation, if it's a physical item, is the cost of shipping it to the recipient, who may be from a different country than you. The festival organizer may be able to help subsidize shipping if you have a cool prize idea but can't afford to ship it. Delivery of prizes won't happen until after the festival closes in May.