The 2018 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction!

* or Fall Fooferal, for our Southern Hemisphere Friends

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We think games are for everyone.

Playing the Games

Once the 2018 Festival opens (on or around April 5th), you'll find a collection of new interactive stories here submitted by authors working across the spectrum of text games. Authors choose whether to place their games in the Main Festival, where they are up for ribbons and prizes, or the Back Garden, with looser entry requirements allowing for more experimental or work-in-progress entries.

Browse through prior if you're looking for something to play now!

Anyone is welcome to submit a game to . The organizer reserves the right to not show a game they feel is inappropriate for the festival, but entries are not otherwise vetted, and their contents and opinions reflect the views of the original author, not the as a whole.

How to Play Parser IF

S features all kinds of text games, but two of the major divisions are between what are sometimes called choiced-based games (where you interact by clicking links) and parser-based games (where you interact by typing commands).

To those unfamiliar with the parser, it can seem confusing or intimidating. Here are some resources for getting started:

To play some parser IF offline, the downloaded story file needs to be opened with a program called an interpreter, much like a .doc file needs Microsoft Word to open. Clicking on the story format (next to the download link) will take you to instructions for finding the right interpreter to play a particular game.

Prize Ribbons

Once the festival opens, players can nominate games for the “Audience Choice” ribbon, although we respectfully request nominators play at least two festival games before submitting a ballot. Anyone who is not a organizer can make a nomination.

After the festival closes, nominations also close and ribbons are awarded. The games will remain permanently available on the festival site and at the IF Archive, along with any supplemental material of the author's choosing (walkthrough, source code, etc.).